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Glorious Bangladesh of Bangladesh
Its only natural for a person to glorify his country.. but the feelings is overwhelming when someone from a distant land does the same. I felt the same way when I read the article published in the editorial of daily The New Nation by H.E Matsushiro Horiguchi, the Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh. Special attention is drawn to the 2nd para where he highlights the contribution of the Armed Forces in the uplifting the image of the country international forum by perticipating in Peace Keeping Operations (PKO) under the UN umbrella.

The glorious achievements of Bangladesh By Matsushiro Horiguchi, Japanese Ambassador Fri, 17 Feb 2006, 09:29:00

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you some world-class achievements and important actors that Bangladesh has realised and produced through 35 years since its independence.

First is Bangladeshi Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), which lead other NGOs in the world. The contributions made by BRAC, the world's biggest NGO, and micro-credit concept developed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank are among the biggest achievements.

Second is the Bangladeshi personnel who have won honor for Bangladesh in the international society through their peace-keeping operations (PKO) under the umbrella of the United Nations. The number of Bangladeshi PKO personnel currently amounts to 9758, bigger than any other country, and their high standard of discipline and capabilities have gained full credibility of local peoples in African countries and elsewhere where they have been dispatched.

Third is the ICDDR,B (Centre for Health and Population Research) which invented the world renowned oral rehydration saline (ORS), silver bullet to eliminate diarrhea including cholera.

Fourth is women working in the ready-made garment (RMG) industry, which accounts for three quarters of the total Bangladesh exports.

Fifth is the Bangladeshi expatriates sending remittances worth US$4 billion, which amounts to the half of the total exports.

Then come the architects. Mr. Fazlur Rahman Khan, who designed tallest skyscrapers in Chicago expressing Bengali richness and American vigor, and Mr. Muzharul Islam, who started from zero to achieve the development of the current Bangladeshi architecture are a couple of illustrious examples.

is the entrepreneurs of the private sector, who support remarkable growth of the Bangladeshi economy.

Eighth is the folklore musicians, painters, and dancers who transmit and develop Bengali spirit and cultural richness.
The victories and achievements that Bangladesh has realized since its independence and should be proud of as a nation. Bangladeshi people are losing their self-confidence, because they have been suffering from predicaments such as famine, floods and corruption. This endeavor is very significant for following reasons:

First , national pride and self-confidence will motivate further development. More achievements in the fields that are mentioned in the special edition and new feats in other fields can be also facilitated.
Second , further development will enhance national confidence and can trigger a movement towards national unity for a better country.

Third , such a movement can bring about a national determination to take action in order to overcome confrontational politics and eradicate corruption. Though they have been blamed for hindering Bangladeshi development, few concrete actions has been taken so far.

Fourth , the portrayal of their national pride and self-confidence to the outer world will make people in other countries reevaluate Bangladesh and improve their perception which has generally been unfairly negative.

Thus, the campaign to cultivate national pride and self-confidence of Bangladeshi people will bring further development of Bangladesh. I hope that the Bangladeshi government and its people in unity make utmost efforts to continue the campaign to reach the ultimate goal of success.
Campaign for the next year's general election has started already. I believe that a party is highly likely to win if that party could send a positive message to the people like: "Let's restore national pride and self-confidence as Bangladeshis. Let's make Bangladesh a country deserving such pride and self-confidence. We thus propose such-and-such policies and procedures to realize this." I believe that such a constructive competition should greatly contribute to a free and fair election.
I hope that Bangladeshi people become affluent within ten to twenty years and remember this campaign as an important turning point towards the development of the country.
Bangladeshi hotels
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